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Busy Times!

It is a busy time on the tree farm and homestead. Note: I often write these blogs well before I post them. This was originally started in early April.

Well this sudden cold snap was a bit of a shock. Going from plus 20 to minus 20 with the wind chill is quite hard on our trees and shrubs which were in active growth and suddenly – BAM deep freeze.

Before the deep freeze we had many projects on the go. We are fencing off a section of the next pasture to the west of our tree field. We found an incredibly rich patch of soil while digging the post holes. Just goes to show what some moisture and good pasture management will create in soil quality!

Another project on the go is digging and potting our extensive number of Swedish Aspen suckers. This is one of the ways Swedish Aspen propagate, when a root gets broken/damaged, it sends up a new shoot which can become a new tree! By digging them up, we create a new root break which forms a new shoot for next year!

The next project is preparing our grow out field. We were planning on planting out 25-50% of our seedlings in this grow out bed but due to the chronic pot shortage, our hand is being forced into planting out 90% of our new seedlings. Out of the 1700 odd pots we requested from our supplier, we got 400 and most of those will have to go towards upsizing existing pots.

Our potted trees and shrubs are coming out of winter well, take a look at a couple videos from April 7th showing how they look!

Untill Next time!

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