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Let it snow, let it snow

Had a bunch of snow the past couple of days, really nice to see the return of winter.

There is about 8” of snow on the ground in total, providing an excellent amount of insulation and moisture to the soil below.

Winter Wonderland!

This snow should (barring any massive warm ups) keep our trees moist and dormant until April… when hopefully the April showers take over until our irrigation gets turned on in May.

Things are going to be getting interesting here soon with the arrival of my second child – right at the start of busy season! On top that I will be hopefully continuing my Horticulture certificate – only a single course this semester I think due to my other commitments!

We are still looking at ordering a few more tree seedlings… because why stop at a thousand right! 🤣 The debate we are having is how many new seedlings per year to go with – ultimately the more trees we have, the more we can potentially sell but too many too soon can result in what happened with the previous owner – hundreds of unsaleable trees. The other factor is cost – we are not exactly flushed with cash after a couple years of low income… for those who don’t know we are a family of 4 living off of one and a half incomes. It wasn’t meant to be that way but two of us lost most of our income when covid hit and it hasn’t recovered.

Hopefully, the tree sales will do well this summer so we can keep our heads above water just a little longer – although with inflation like it is… who knows.

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