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First Freezes

Well the cold weather is finally here, we had our first hard freeze last night so our growing season is officially over for the outdoors. Fortunately my indoor aquaponics is mostly together and I was able to save most varieties I had in the greenhouse but the number of plants I had growing has been vastly cut back.

I was also able to get the irrigation winterized before the freeze up, fortunately the irrigation district turned off our feed just this past week which gave me the kick in the butt to get moving on it.

We didn’t get our drip irrigation roughed in nor did we spade our trees at our max spading size which is probably a good thing with how dry it is.

We are tossing around some ideas for what to do for our Christmas Tree sales although what we actually do will depend on the covid rules. I’m not particularly a fan of what has transpired but that is off topic. We are considering doing a couple weekends for being fully open, no appointments needed, and having appointments during the week for those who can’t make the weekend or for those who want a little less covid exposure risk.

In other news, we have broken ground on another fun project, a ride on model railroad! We are planning on the first section being roughly 1300ft in length, going between trees, and across open fields. It will be a little while before anything is running as there is a lot of ground clearing and track building to do.

We will not be able to offer any rides for amusement to the public due to provincial amusement park regulations, although we may be able to do a limited amount of ‘educational journeys’ – we are still checking into the rules to make sure we get it right but if all else fails, it will be a neat experience to watch the railway in action while you pick out your next trees! As I say though, it will be a while (at least a year) before anything is running.

Till next time. Keep on growing!

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